Artemisia de Vine: Sexual Fantasy and Desire Coach

Sexual Fantasies are Sacred Underworld Maps

Persephone holds a torch as she enters a cave to the underworld. Personal transformation.

Spirituality is the very last thing I am thinking about when I am indulging in one of my deliciously twisted sexual fantasies. It seems impossible to reconcile the taboo feelings with pure heart-centred ecstasy.

Yet by trusting my sexual fantasies - and my sexual partner’s too - that’s exactly where I end up! Cracked open, my heart as big as the sun - experiencing myself as part of All That Is.

I can experience this alone in my solo smuttalicious play, or if I am with a lover, we often share this feeling together. Not every time we have sex or play kinky games mind you, but regularly enough to know this is where our smutty sexual fantasies lead if you know how to follow the map within them.

After all, our smutty desires are created by our own minds. They are not mere brain farts. They are there for a reason.

Again… and again… and again… thousands of times I’ve travelled this route. I am not exaggerating when I say I still end up weeping with the astonishing beauty of it.

How can the underworld of smut lead to the cosmic transpersonal experiences of Oneness?

The kind of state of being that has me floating in a river of pure love! The kind of love that vibrates throughout all Life!

Where kundalini energy is wafting gently (yes gently!) up through my whole being like a warm cloud of phosphorus incense smoke.

How can fantasies of being “blackmailed” into obscene and humiliating acts lead to the kind of awe and wonder that yogis and holy meditators talk about?

How can fantasies of selfishly and sadistically using another person for my own pleasure lead to deep respect, intimacy, and feeling connected with  - not only each other -  but with something so much bigger than ourselves?

How can fantasies of non-consent, lead to transpersonal experiences that crack the matrix open?

I remember a time, when I still did not trust my patterns of smutty turn-ons and fantasies.

All I felt when I indulged in them, was an exciting horny rush, followed by horrible guilt hangover. As soon as I’d climaxed, I’d shut the thoughts down, feeling queasy with shame.

If you had told me then, that these “dirty” thoughts were the underworld route of inner transformation that can lead to the most pure love it is possible to feel, then I’d have looked at you like you were delusional. I simply would not have been able to comprehend it.

But my lifetime quest to understand the erotic, did eventually led me to finding the magic and power of our kinks and smutty desires - and to profound respect for our sexual fantasies.

How does it work?

After experiencing it so many times in my personal life - and in The deVinery in my former role as a sex worker and professional dominatrix - I set out to understand why and how this worked. I broke down all the moving parts that shifted smut from shame hangovers to spiritual ecstasy.

I put my anthropology degree to use, and noticed all the little real-life human patterns of power and surrender that contributed to making smutty play a transformative experience.

I put my somatic sexology training to use understanding the relationship between body and thought and how the two are really not separate at all. Engaging one, creates powerful effect on the other because one is the other.

I put my experience with psychedelics and plant medicines to use, to understand how the mind transforms from one state of consciousness to another and how surrendering can lead to temporary ego-dissolution states. The extraordinary benefits of this are starting to be recognised with the rise of psychedelic-assisted therapy. 

I put my training as a writer to use to understand the role that stories play in changing our internal states. After all sexual fantasies are personalised stories made up by our own psyches.

I put my experience with spiritual rituals to use - from christian rituals to earth-based animism and shamanism - to understand how enacting things symbolically can create powerful transformation and connection with the divine and mystical experiences.

I put my direct experience of being a whore* to use, where I was paid to become the sexual fantasy of thousands of people. I noticed what skills were needed to create and hold the experience for another person. I noticed all the ingredients that made my sessions so powerful.

Then I created a system so other people can learn how to engage the power and wisdom of their sexual fantasies too. I called it The deVinery Method because it is the method I used in The deVinery - the venue I set up when I was sex worker.

Want to learn The deVinery Method?

One of my mentees is finishing up her 6-month traineeship in the next three weeks so a new spot will be opening up if you want to be guided step-by-step through The deVinery Method.

She says:

"I love how The deVinery Method is asking my system to integrate all of who I am into the erotic. It’s giving me deeper access to my whole self and an outlet for play and adventure. It continues to unravel me and give me a new orientation with which to understand the erotic mind and bring that into play with my clients and in my personal life.

I treasure becoming a person who can create a trustworthy space for the deepest desires of another to emerge and lead the way.” -Amy-Maree Babcock, Ohio, USA

With Venusian Underworld Love,

Artemisia de Vine

* “In ancient times, the word whore referred to a priestess of the mysteries” and “The Great Mother - birther of Creation - was once known as the Great Whore.” - The Madeline Mysteries: The left hand path of the Feminine Christ by Seren Bertrand and Ezra Bertrand, M.D.


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