Artemisia de Vine: Sexual Fantasy and Desire Coach
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Understand the genius stories inside your sexual fantasies.


I help leading sexperts and curious self-discovery seekers, gain a profound understanding of their unique sexual patterning by taking a closer look at the transformational stories hidden in their sexual fantasies. 

I help people harness the fuller potential of sex and BDSM by bringing their unique erotic narratives out of their heads and into their beds through the power of embodied play. 

Learn how your sexual fantasies are stories that help you open to the vulnerability of connection, pleasure, and sometimes even, expanded states of consciousness.

  • Make sense of confusing or taboo sexual fantasies.
  • Heal shame and unlock your sexual vitality and pleasure!
  • Map your own fantasy story, and your sexual partner's story.
  • Learn how to create sexual or BDSM play that satiates the real desire behind the story symbolism.
  • Integrate sexual fantasies into your somatic embodiment practice.
  • Be guided by your erotic wisdom through your inbuilt Desire Compass.
  • Learn how to talk to your partner about your fantasies in a way they can actually hear, get, and act on.
  • Find out what your partner really wants even though they don't know themselves.
  • Create date nights that satisfy you both even though your turn-on patterns are different.
  • Create an ongoing erotic practice that makes sex a rich part of your life long after the honeymoon has worn off. 
  • Access a variety of blissful and profound expanded states of consciousness. 
  • Become skilled at helping your clients unpack their sexual fantasies and access all the above.

Want in? Jump on zoom for a complimentary and confidential discovery call, or keep reading to be inspired by the coaching packages below. 

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Sexual Fantasy Reading

Tell me a recurring sexual fantasy and I will give you insight into what it means and how you can use it.

A single 45min confidential zoom coaching session.

USD $100

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The deVinery Method 

Sexual Fantasy Mastery-Level

Both a guided self-discovery journey and mastery-level skill-building coaching program for those who like to go deep.

For select sexperts and sexplorers. Book a discovery call or find out more below.

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Sexual Fantasy Coaching

Not ready for mastery training but want to clarity and guidance about your sexual fantasies and how they impact your real-life sex?

Book a free 15min discovery call so we can work out the best way forward.

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