Artemisia de Vine: Erotic Psyche, Sexual Fantasy and Desire Specialist
Artemisia de Vine Sexual Fantasy Coach and Courses
How to work with Artemisia de Vine 

Coaching, Guidance, and Courses 

Be supported to take a deep dive into the meaning and transformative potential of your

Sexual Fantasies,


Unique Patterns of Turn-ons,


The art of creating tailored sexual experiences to match the psychology of each person involved.

Navigating the Erotic Psyche

Subtle, deep, and powerful one-on-one work with sexual fantasies.

Learn my whole method while simultaneously taking a deep dive into your unique erotic patterning.

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The Red Velvet Couch

Confidential Sex Guidance and Coaching. Personalized, one off sessions or ongoing support.

A safe place to be real about what sex is like for you and how you'd like it to be.

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Online Sexuality Courses - Coming soon!

Learn the art and psychology of creating great sexual experiences based on each person's unique erotic patterning.

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