Artemisia de Vine: Sexual Fantasy and Desire Coach

 deVining the Erotic

 The irreverent and insightful writings of

Sexologist and Retired Sex Worker, Artemisia de Vine

The psychology behind our sexual fantasies, turn-ons, and repeating patterns of attraction and desire.

'Sexual play is the perfect vehicle to explore all that it means to be human.' 

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How Sexual Fantasies Solve Three Paradoxes

Sexual fantasies help us overcome three major paradoxes inherent to sex.

At the heart of The deVinery Method of bringing sexual fantasies to life, is the power of paradox.

The very thing we fear most about being vulnerable enough to open to sex, becomes the magic thing that transports us to...

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The trick to bringing Sexual Fantasies to Life!

I learned early on that there is an art to bringing your sexual fantasies out of your head and into your bed. It is not just a matter of living out your fantasies exactly as they are in your mind’s eye. You do not have to look like their celebrity crush, have a big dick, or actually be...

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