Artemisia de Vine: Sexual Fantasy and Desire Coach

Podcasts about the surprising value of sexual fantasies -

and the art of bringing them out of your head and into your bed.

~ Podcasts where Artemisia de Vine features as a guest ~

"It takes animal noises to express how good that podcast was!"

"Wow! I just listened to Artemisia de Vine speak on the Good Pain podcast about erotic fantasies and the power within them.

She presented it, the inherent medicine of it all, in such a simple but sublime way that my mind is still ringing with the possibilities, and I'm left looking at my own self in a way that feels so much less shame than I have ever felt when I think of my own sexuality.

A seed has been planted that is casting forth roots and pushing up blossoms that leave me smiling with wild imaginings. The world needs more of that please." - Allen Turner

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