Artemisia de Vine: Sexual Fantasy and Desire Coach

 deVining the Erotic

 The irreverent and insightful writings of

Sexologist and Retired Sex Worker, Artemisia de Vine

The psychology behind our sexual fantasies, turn-ons, and repeating patterns of attraction and desire.

'Sexual play is the perfect vehicle to explore all that it means to be human.' 

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Worried understanding your fantasies will kill the magic?

Does breaking down the story narrative within your sexual fantasies make it less sexy?

Hell no! It leads to much better real-life sex! Here's why. 

Just like we are hardwired for sex, we are also hard-wired for stories. 

"Human beings have been telling stories as long as there’s...

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The Purpose of Sexual Fantasies is to Create Ego Dissolution

Your sexual fantasies are the exact story your ego needs to hear so you can temporarily let your guard down and surrender to the vulnerability of pleasure and connection.

Once you understand the key narrative mechanisms in your fantasies, you can bring the power behind your fantasies out of your...

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