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Emotions are felt somatically

Image showing where you feel emotions in your body

And sexual fantasies are powerful stories made by your own psyche designed to unlock powerful emotional charge! 

If you watch a movie made by a master storyteller, your emotions will be evoked!

You'll fall in love with the main characters, hate the villain, squeal with surprise, feel vicarious embarrassment that makes you blush, get your nervous system activated with excitement, sorrow, yearning, revenge, moments of feeling powerless and moments of feeling invincible! You get to feel fear, triumph, gratitude, wonder, awe, hope, sentimental and euphoric love. 

It is the combination of challenging emotions with delightful ones that make a story. They are all ingredients needed to make the storytelling experience satisfying. If the story was only, "everything is perfect and sweet, and remains perfect and sweet the whole way through" then there is no story. It would be a complete box office flop! 

For storytelling to be effective, we need to go on a journey of emotional transformation

This is not something just thought about in the head. Your emotions are felt as a physical charge in your body! Look at all that delicious charge that can be harnessed for the erotic! 

This is why I say over and over that sex is never just physical! 

The art of creating great sex, is the art of creating an embodied story.

But not just any story! It is the story based on your unique erotic wiring. 

How do you discover your narrative? You take a closer look at your sexual fantasies. 

Guess who can help you learn how to do that! xx

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Artemisia de Vine

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