Artemisia de Vine: Sexual Fantasy and Desire Coach

 deVining the Erotic

 The irreverent and insightful writings of

Sexologist and Retired Sex Worker, Artemisia de Vine

The psychology behind our sexual fantasies, turn-ons, and repeating patterns of attraction and desire.

'Sexual play is the perfect vehicle to explore all that it means to be human.' 

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Artemisia de Vine: Sexual Fantasy Specialist
Sex Worker reveals how to live out your Sexual Fantasies
Sex Worker reveals how to live out your Sexual Fantasies

Retired sex worker, turned erotic psyche specialist - Artemisia de Vine - reveals how she brought her client’s sexual fantasies to life in fulfilling, meaningful ways.

Here’s the thing. I was paid to bring my client’s sexual fantasies to life but I never tried to be their...

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Feeling powerless in times of turmoil? Sex can help.

Ways to take your power back and make a real difference through the lens of the erotic.

Sex is not the frivolous pass time we've been led to believe it is. Just because something is playful, pleasurable, and can be lighthearted fun, does not make it meaningless or lacking potent effect.

In a...

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The Important Psychological Mechanisms of Sexual Fantasies and Fairytales

Love can mean becoming the monster they need to interact with.

In our quest to understand the perplexing nature of our sexual turn-ons, it is useful to first understand the nature of fairytales and the nature of play. Then we can begin to recognize that our turn-ons are our personalized...

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Why hook up culture needs a make over

It was gentle, sensual, and soft. I wanted to keep going but I pushed that gorgeous Italian god of tango and risotto away. 


Well it wasn't because I was playing games with him. I wasn't trying to manipulate him. I crave the opposite of that kind of shenanigan.

It wasn't because I need to...

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Marriage of Crass and Sublime

The tale of one of my early adventures as a sex worker in a country Australian town, and what I learned.

The erotic is a force leading us magnetically towards a homecoming - to the fullness and ever-evolving kaleidoscope of self.

The erotic, as an art form, is the skill of navigating the internal...

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