Artemisia de Vine: Sexual Fantasy and Desire Coach

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Brain with bubbles of sexual fantasies

Sexual Fantasy Coaching Program!

A guided self-discovery journey into the meaning and purpose of your sexual fantasies.

Find out what can you learn about yourself and your sexual partner/s by taking a closer look at your innermost thoughts.

How you can use fantasies to uncover your unique erotic patterning and bring their essence out of your head and into your bed!

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Brain with bubbles of sexual fantasies

The Red Velvet Coach!

Confidential sex guidance for the refined modern man. 

Learn to have the kind of sex that is true to your primal nature, respects your sexual partner/s, and more than satisfies you both!

The chance to have a world-leading sexpert in your corner supporting your ongoing sexual adventures. 

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Brain with bubbles of sexual fantasies

The Desire Compass!

Learn to be guided by the wisdom of your own desire.

Be guided step-by-step into an embodied relationship with your own inner fire and motivating force. 

Turn desire into your ally and access the fullness of your sexual potential.

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Find out what they really want in bed!

Even when they don't know how to tell you. 

Tell them the truth of what you really want without obligation or embarrassment. 

Create an ongoing process of mutual sexual discovery that leaves you looking forward to date night for years to come! 

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