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Navigating the Erotic Psyche -  mentorship

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Personalized Guidance

I accept a handful of people at a time to be privately mentored in my approach.

Are you keen to learn the methods and frameworks that I developed to create powerful, pleasurable, and meaningful sexual experiences for thousands of clients?

Are you drawn to understand the erotic psyche, and cultivate the art form of bringing it to life through sexual play?

What is included in the mentorship?  

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Meredith Reynalds, Certified Sexological Bodyworker and somatic sex educator, London, UK. 

“It’s hard to describe Artemisia’s unique and powerful work from the outside - it has to be experienced. While I had a reasonable understanding of my erotic psyche going in, I was not prepared for the elegant and wise complexity that would unfold within Artemisia’s paradigm of accessing and building relationship with our own desires.

No one else is approaching this work like Artemisia - and her approach is wrought from 1000s of hours of experience of working with people’s core erotic patterns.

For the sex geeks out there, Artemisia takes Jack Morin’s work as a one of the foundational pieces, weaves it with her own insights, and takes it further again, to launch into a profound pathway of practices to discover and better understand our erotic psyches - and play with them on purpose. I am humbled and excited by what I’m discovering about myself - and deeply grateful.”

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The Desire Compass

The desire compass is an embodied practice, a whole way of being in the world, and the foundation of skilled navigation of the erotic psyche.

Desire is an incredibly magnetic force we can physically feel in our bodies. It draws our attention and narrows our focus. It literally points at things that some unconscious part of us wants, but does not currently have - and that unconscious part of us is aware of something important our everyday consciousness cannot perceive.

Despite being heavily maligned as the source of temptation itself, desire is actually incredibly wise. The thing is, desire speaks symbolically and we do not always know how to hear it.We often mistake its urges for literal instructions and miss out on the full potential of what it is actually offering us. More, we can get ourselves in a whole bunch of hot water and learn to deeply mistrust, fear or suppress our desire.

Or alternatively, we blindly misconstrue its messages and get caught in a loop of trying to find fulfillment by “indulging” the desires ineffectively - needing hit after hit to appease its knawing. This leads us to experience a high/rush but with a rotten consequence hangover, and an itch that is still not properly scratched.

Once you know how to form an aware and intentional relationship with desire, it can be a guide to profound places within ourselves that are well worth the visit! Because that’s what a compass does - it directs us somewhere.

It is incredibly useful to understand this function of desire in sexual play.

Skilled use of this compass takes you to places inside yourself that give you access to ways of perceiving, experiencing, connecting, and feeling, that you would otherwise have to reply on stumbling across - or perhaps never find at all.

When we are in an embodied relationship with it, desire is a compass that moves us from “I” to “We”.

It connects us not only to other people, intimacy and great sex, but also guides us into relationship with - and direct experience of - layers of own consciousness that are normally, well, unconscious of…

…and into connection with the flow of creative life force and wonder of Life itself.

That yearning is there for a reason!

It leads us home to our fuller selves…

Did you know the part of our psyche that creates desires can hear us, and in fact, we can learn to have two-way conversations with it that shifts us from fighting against it, to cooperating with it? More, to pleasurably dancing with it!

And actually satiating it…

I took what I learned from creating thousands of tailored encounters for clients as a sex worker, and professional dominatrix, and developed a set of tools, frameworks, and practices that enables you to learn how to engage your desire compass on purpose.

This practice is based on the symbolic language of our unconscious, embodied consent, boundary setting, and safety, as well as following our true wantings.

The first phase of private mentoring guides you step by step through this process.


What does this look like?

Through a series of private zooms, designed to go at your own pace, I introduce you to theory, guide you through exercises (fully clothed, non sexual), and set you home play to do in the privacy of your own time. 

Cost: US$590 for a block of 4 sessions. 

This is enough to give you an introductory grounding in the Desire Compass but to master it, and learn my art form, ongoing mentoring is necessary.

If this interests you, you can book a complimentary 15min zoom so we can feel into whether or not this body of work is for you. 

Remember to keep scrolling to find out about the map of your unique erotic wiring!

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Julia - aka Kinky Godmother. 

I'm a sex coach with multiple trainings and a lifetime of sex geekery. When I first encountered Artemisia's work, I felt that giddy excitement that means I was in the presence of something special, and boy howdy, diving into The deVinery, and private coaching sessions with Artemisia has confirmed that!


Before, I had my own quasi-spiritual sense of how important desire and erotic play are in my life; how our erotic landscapes are the arena in which we can enact anything that's present within us.

You know how sometimes you know something is genius when you point at it saying, 'yeah! yeah! that's what I was feeling without knowing anything about it?'

Artemisia's framework is genius, and it gives rich life, depth, and a developed structure to what I had sensed was important to me. Artemisia's work is the actual pathway to the stars I was gazing at. Working with her shows me the richness of desire inside myself, and what to do with it, in a way I would not have found on my own. It awakens the best dreams of my childhood, the peak erotic experiences of my past, and brings those essences to me right here in the present. 

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The Map of the Erotic Psyche

- Stage 2 -


I propose that our repeating patterns of attraction, turn-ons and sexual fantasies are not just frivolous brain farts after all. They are there for good reason.

They create the exact right internal conditions to shift us from an everyday state of consciousness into a temporary ego dissolution experience. 

Just like when you meditate, or access flow-states through music, art, some plant-based substances, sex is a natural portal to different ways of seeing and experiencing yourself, and the world.

When aroused, you have access to parts of yourself you simply don't in your everyday state of being. Most of us stumble on this accidentally all the time, but it is far less often that we accidentally discover the fuller potential of these states. That takes deliberate engagement.

Erotic play has all the right ingredients to take you to some pretty profound places, and be a vehicle with which we can process all that it means to be human - both the challenging and the sublime.

However, this function is often misunderstood and under utilized. 

Your turn-ons are exactly what your particular ego needs to feel safe enough to let go of the diver's wheel long enough for you to experience a different part of yourself. 

Cleverly, this function within us, does it all within the buffer of pleasure - making what would normally be too difficult to look at directly, a source of excitement and enjoyment. 

In short, it turns it into play.

Once you realize that is the function of each person's unique sexual wiring, you have the opportunity to create experiences for yourself, and each other, that access the fuller possibilities of sexual states of consciousness. 

This stage is where we break down the different key elements of the erotic psyche, understand their functions and learn to recognize the ways in which they play out in repeating patterns of turn-ons, attractions to certain types of people and situations, and sexual fantasies. 

Like your fingerprint, or the uniqueness of your face, each person will have common elements but the way in which they are arranged is uniquely you.

Playing with a person's unique erotic wiring on purpose means much less hit and miss, and much deeper exploration and satisfaction. 

Primarily this is a journey of self-discovery first. We look at your: 

Eroticized relationship to power

Your journey through challenging and euphoric emotional aphrodisiacs.

Your particular poisons (blocks your ego has to letting go) and your desire's clever workarounds - your antidote.
This includes the exploration of delicious friction created by erotic paradoxes.

We explore your primary arousal style and how to get the most out of it while also learning how to access other styles that are not your default. 

We learn the importance of understanding the essence of your overall sexual themes

What does this look like?

Through a series of private zooms, designed to go at your own pace, I introduce you to theory, guide you through exercises (fully clothed, non-sexual), and set you home play to do in the privacy of your own time. 

If this interests you, you can book a complimentary 15min zoom so we can feel into whether or not this body of work is for you. 

Remember to come back and keep reading so you can find out about how to bring all this to life in purposeful adult play dates! 

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Lindsay Sworski, LMT

Culture Creations & Embodiment Experimentations

Artemisia has a revolutionary gift to give the world and I feel so grateful to have found her. I’d been searching for support with accessing my sexual freedom and pleasure for decades... and my work with Artemisia is finally answering that longing. YES!

She works on a fundamental level, safely and steadfastly promoting your own direct access to your living, personal desire, with masterful skill and insight. Those words don’t capture the potency of the process - it’s nothing short of transformative, like being given a key to access the full potential of being alive.

This process of harnessing one’s authentic, actual relationship to desire is akin the original discovery of fire - it’s life changing - and I can perceive how my own personal work with desire is culture changing, as well. Like I said, her work is revolutionary. 



The Journey of Sexual Play

- Stage 3 -


Play is the theatre of the embodied psyche. 

This is where we actually learn how to process all that it means to be human within the safety buffer of pleasure.

So how do you actually create a desire-led sexual experience that incorporates the key elements of each person's erotic psyche? 

This is the stage where I guide you into the art form of actually living this, on your own, and/or with willing partners. 

While I do not teach you sexual techniques like how to give perfect oral sex, or how to tie someone up - there are plenty of other avenues for you to learn those aspects - I teach you how to design the play so that all those vital psychological aspects are included. This is what makes an experience potent.

Each play scene is like a song and has its own rhythm, tempo, and an underlying story that carries you through your internal processes. This takes skill to orchestrate.

How do you have the pre-play conversation? After-care, and post-play debrief? 

It is one thing to lie there and fantasize about our hottest turn-ons, and another entirely to bring our private internal experiences into embodied play that can be shared with another. It is in this act that we truly begin to feel where our turn-ons were trying to take us all along. 


What does this look like?

Through a series of private zooms, designed to go at your own pace, I introduce you to theory, guide you through exercises (fully clothed, non-sexual), and set you home play to do in the privacy of your own time. 

If this interests you, you can book a complimentary 15min zoom so we can feel into whether or not this body of work is for you. 

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Cost? And how many sessions are needed?

Well, that depends on how deep you want to go? 

Mentoring is designed to go at your own pace, a bit like therapy does. It takes as long as it takes.
Some people are happy to just learn about the Desire Compass while other want to sink their teeth into the whole art form. Those that really resonate with this path keep finding layer after layer of fascination and are still happily traveling with me 2 years now. 

Sessions are purchased 4 at a time. The first 4 sessions need to be a week apart. After that, you can continue weekly or every second week. If you choose that later, you only need to purchase more sessions every eight weeks. 

Struggling financially? You are welcome to join the waiting list for the two heavily discounted spots, or contact me for affiliate options. 

Get started now by scheduling a conversation

I only accept a limited number of private mentees at a time in order to ensure that this body of work can be thoroughly engaged and each client can be properly supported. This is a chance to talk directly with me and feel into whether or not we are a good fit. 

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