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Learn to have the kind of sex that is true to your primal nature, respects your sexual partner/s, and more than satisfies you both!


Advanced insights into the Erotic Psyche

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A safe, judgement-free place to

Talk about sex as it really is for you -

and how it could be.

  • Discuss what actually turns you on when you are free from expectations - Discover who you really are, the richness of what you can feel, and how you can access suppressed parts of yourself when the pressure to conform is taken away.

  • Understand your sexual fantasies, attraction to certain kinds of porn, and why your pattern of personal turn-ons are the way they are — which means you can stop feeling shame about your sexual desires. Even ones that - on the surface - seem at odds with your respect for women, other social groups, or even respect for yourself. You can start engaging your primal desires in truly fulfilling, consensual play.

  • Learn how to find out what your partner really wants which means that you no longer have to try and mind read to lead, but can please with confidence. 

  • Learn how to recognize the key elements of each person’s unique sexual wiring which means you can craft exciting opportunities to sexplore the fuller potential of each person’s sexual experience on purpose.

  • Feel safe to ask the questions that you are normally too afraid to bring up in case you are misconstrued as sexist, "unmanly" or worse. 

  • Get strategies and practical tools to put theory into practice in your real-life sex. 

  • Get support planning an upcoming date - benefit from Artemisia’s wealth of experience and get coaching to apply it to a specific situation.

  • Debrief after a sexual encounter so you can get even more out of future dates. 

  • Learn about yourself - As always, nothing about sex is just about sex! Being in alignment with your true sexual nature inevitably brings self-awareness that positively impacts your relationships, your career, creativity, vitality, purpose, and your whole life.

Yes, a consent-centred sex life where you can express the full range of your turn-ons and desires really is possible!

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 Imagine what kind of sex could you have with insider knowledge and personalised guidance from the go-to sexpert sought after by many of the top international sex educators, therapists and other sexuality professionals?

Artemisia de Vine is no ordinary sexologist! Not only does she offer a revolutionary new perspective about why we have sexual fantasies and what they mean, and an elegant set of strategies and tools to enhance your sexual experiences, but she also has the practical expertise gained from 12 years of sex work.

Nothing beats the actual experience of crafting tailored sexual encounters for thousands of clients - from the sensually intimate or spiritually transcendent through to the raunchy and “dirty”, and elaborate BDSM. 

Now is your chance to learn how to apply Artemisia’s approach and skills, to your personal sex life and get to know yourself on a whole new level in the process.

In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Confidently plan dates tailored to each person's unique erotic wiring.
  • Have the kind of sex that satiates your subconscious motivations.
  • Navigate the complexities of modern consent culture to ask for what you really want.

Learning how the erotic psyche works, and how to apply insights to various real-life situations, makes all the difference for everyone involved. 

Haruto - 33yo Business Coach
*Stock image used for privacy

"Working with Artemisia has made me realize that my sexual fantasies, and even my favorite styles of porn, contain a lot more value than I first thought. It's given me insight that has changed the way I approach sex."

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This opportunity is for you if... 

  • You possess a refined, modern masculinity that values self development, excellent communication skills and an insatiable curiosity about sex.

  • You want to be proactive about creating the kind of sex life you fantasize about.

  • You value the pleasure and well-being of your sexual partner/s, as well as your own. 
  • You sense that even more is possible.

Straight, bi, gay, cis and trans men are all welcome. 

Yes please!


47yo engineer from Holland*

I’ve never come across anyone that knows more about the erotic psyche and what’s really behind our intimate desires than Artemisia de Vine. 

Artemisia is the ultimate world authority in this area, and not only does she possess an immense amount of wisdom on this topic, she also has a unique talent in breaking complex material into simple concepts that are both easy to learn and easy to practically apply as well.

She will expertly unpack the magical and mysterious worlds of desire, sensuality and turn-ons for you, and then she’ll help you discover your uniquely personal erotic wiring in ways that allow you to have the deepest most fulfilling sexual experiences in your life - even if sex has previously been full of frustration and dissatisfaction for you. 

Artemisia is the very best in her field, and if you ever have the opportunity to work with her, don’t hesitate, grab it with both hands!

*Name changed and stock photo used for client's privacy, but Matteo has offered to speak directly to anyone who would like a first hand account of what it is like to work with Artemisia de Vine. Ask to be put in touch. 

I'm Artemisia de Vine

I am known for my irreverent Australian humor,  open-minded approachability, and innovative insights.

I have spent the last 30 years geeking out about the psychology and art of sex - but it was my 12 years as a sex worker, spiritual sexuality practitioner, somatic sexologist and professional dominatrix that taught me the most.  

I got up close and personal with thousands of clients and noticed that each had a personalized combination of subconscious erotic motivations and triggers. That is, a sort of sexual psychological template.

If I created experiences designed to tap into the key elements, they were able to have the kind of sex that they had secretly yearned for their whole lives, but never quite knew how to fully access. 

Basically, I trusted their turn-ons were there for a reason and used them as a map to create the kind of play that took them where they needed to go. 

Now retired from sex work I have become a writer, professional confidante, and mentor to men like you. 

 I have now developed:

  • A new theory about why we have the turn-ons we do.
  • Methods to recognize the key psychological elements in each person's unique erotic patterning.
  • Skills to play with them on purpose.
  • And a set of frameworks, practices and tools so you can learn these skills too. 

    The first step is having someone non-judgmental to talk to.


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"Mistress Artemisia is the most extraordinary Domme it has ever been my privilege to submit to in twenty-five years of active BDSM play.

She saw me, and heard me, in a way that is hard to describe, and She used what She saw and heard to create an experience that I wouldn't have known to ask for but was exactly what I needed.

She is truly expert at the skills of her craft."

- Stanley Badlad - former kink client and author from the UK.

"I thought talking about sex would ruin the mystery and mood but I couldn't have been more wrong!

Knowing how it all works really is power. This is the kind of sex I  always wanted but didn't know how to make happen. Now I do."

- Tim Maynaud - 42yo IT professional, Australia

"I honestly didn't know I could feel this way! I had tried it all and had a LOT of good sex, but this takes it to a whole new level. I'm not a spiritual person, but this is... well it feels profound. 

Guys, Artemisia really does know her stuff, and she's so down-to-earth and easy to talk to. 110% worth the investment."

- Brett, 52yo website developer, USA

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Initial 1 hr Consultation


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Discuss your hopes, desires and goals.

Create a plan for future erotic support and development tailored to your needs. 




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4 x 1hr zoom consults scheduled 1-2 weeks apart.  

Plus personalized exercises to practice skills between sessions.



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