Artemisia de Vine: Erotic Psyche, Sexual Fantasy and Desire Specialist

Confidential Sex Guidance for the Refined, Modern Man.

Learn the art of great sex that honors your primal nature, respects your partner/s, and more than satisfies you both.


A safe place to talk about sex as it really is - and how it could be.

Join the movement of modern men who recognise the value of investing in insightful conversations with a trusted confidante, and in receiving personalized mentoring to access the fuller potential of their sexuality.

What would you give to have ongoing meaningful conversations about your sex life with a world leader in the psychology behind sexual turn-ons, who also has the lived experience of putting theory into practice.

What kind of sex could you have with insider knowledge and personalised guidance from the go-to sexpert sought after by many of the top international sex educators, therapists and other sexuality professionals?

Artemisia is no ordinary sexologist! Not only does she offer a revolutionary new perspective about why we have sexual fantasies and what they mean, but she also has the practical expertise gained from 12 years of sex work. Nothing beats the actual experience of crafting tailored sexual encounters for thousands of clients - from the sensually intimate or spiritually transcendent through to the raunchy and “dirty”, and elaborate BDSM. 

Now is your chance to learn how to apply Artemisia’s approach and skills, to your personal sex life and get to know yourself on a whole new level in the process.


Who does this suit? 


Those with a refined, modern masculinity that values self development, excellent communication skills and an insatiable curiosity about sex.

Those that want to be proactive about creating the kind of sex life they fantasise about. 


What is involved in a session? 


Receive ongoing personalised guidance and a private, safe place to talk about sex as it really is - fully clothed, on zoom, from anywhere in the world. 


Your can choose to focus on:

You can choose to focus on

Discuss what actually turns you on when you are free from expectations - Discover who you really are, and the richness of what you can feel, and how you can access suppressed parts of yourself when the pressure to conform is taken away.


Understand your sexual fantasies, attraction to certain kinds of porn, and why your pattern of personal turn-ons are they way they are — which means you can stop feeling shame about your sexual desires - even ones that, on the surface, seem at odds with your respect for women, other social groups, or even respect for yourself. You can start engaging your primal desires in truly fulfilling, consensual play.


Learn how to find out what your partner really wants which means that you no longer have to try and mind read to lead, but can please with confidence.


Learn how to recognise the key elements of each person’s unique sexual wiring which means you can craft exciting opportunities to sexplore the fuller potential of each person’s sexual experience on purpose.


Feel safe to ask the questions that you are normally too afraid to bring up in case you are misconstrued as sexist or worse. 


Get advice on strategies and practical tools to put theory into practice in your real life sex.


Get support planning an upcoming date - benefit from Artemisia’s wealth of experience and get coaching to apply it to a specific situation.

Debrief after a sexual encounter so you can get even more out of future dates. 


Learn about your self - As always, nothing about sex is just about sex! Being in alignment with your true sexual nature inevitably brings self awareness that positively impacts your relationships, your career, creativity, vitality, purpose and your whole life.