Artemisia de Vine: Sexual Fantasy and Desire Coach

deVining the Erotic


with sexologist and retired sex worker, Artemisia de Vine


Exploring the psychology behind what turns us on, how to play with it on purpose, and where we go inside ourselves when we do.

The art of playing on purpose in the bedroom. 

I want you to be turned on by my turn-ons! 

Psychologist Sophia Graham and I had such a fab discussion about the conundrum of not feeling safe to let go sexually unless our partner is also turned on by our turn ons.

The only problem is, everyone has unique sexual wiring and no one is a perfect match! 

Sophia added another super valuable dimension to this same emotional tussle by talking about all the ways in which we feel this in other areas of our relationships too, and offered some tools for navigating this. 


Discussion with Artemisia de Vine and Sophia Graham.
I want you to want what I want

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