Artemisia de Vine: Sexual Fantasy and Desire Coach

Cultivate Your Eros

  with a Powerful 5 min Daily Practice

Learn an exercise to cultivate your creative life force energy by harnessing paradox.

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It's so much easier to commit to a new practice if others are doing it with you, asking questions and sharing results! 

Each day we will contemplate and experiment with a different erotic paradox.

(Fully clothed and non explicit, but you have the option to take the daily contemplation into your private sex life play time, solo or partnered).

Eros Awakening

Ignite your creative erotic life force to access its wisdom and to fall in love with life every day.

Expanded Consciousness

Deliberately expand your consciousness by harnessing the power of paradox.

Embodied Alignment

Align your higher, primal and  everyday selves right here, right now with a short, powerful daily practice.

Imagine How Alive You Would Feel if You Filled Your Erotic Well!

My name is Artemisia de Vine, and I have spent over 30 years cultivating and understanding the erotic psyche and how to embody our eros (creative life force energy) on purpose.

Having learned all sorts of practices from experts all around the world, this is the one that I keep coming back to again and again for my daily practice because it's so simple and yet incredibly powerful. 

It is an adaption of practices I have learned elsewhere and added my own unique approach to. This Crossroads Practice is designed to: 

~ Bring your body alive with pleasurable energy you can choose to channel into your art, relationships, work and, of course, your sex life!

~ Align your primal self, everyday self and higher self so you can bring your whole self to your day!

~ Expand your consciousness by harnessing paradox, giving you access to more of your inner wisdom and insight throughout your day. 

~ Ignite a sense of positivity and well-being that can even feel euphoric! A bit like how the birds sing sweeter, and the sun shines brighter when you first fall in love... Only this time you are falling in love with life. Again, and again. 

In addition to this, doing this daily practice means that when you do engage with sex or BDSM, you have the skills to more easily access an array of pleasurable and often profound erotic states of consciousness. 

Ecstatic erotic trance, heart expanding intimacy, subspace, top space and even ego dissolution Oneness experiences where you feel connected with all of Life. 

Signing up for 'Cultivating Eros' will give you the tools to embody this outcome.



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Anonymous non binary person

"Am I really allowed to feel this powerful? I feel like a god after doing this practice! Paradox really does open the liminal!"

Experienced Sex educator

This was so gentle at first, I didn't realise how big the impact would be! I really loved locating myself in time and space and bringing my full self into the present.

Anonymous Male professional

I think that is the first time I really understood that my primal self is as important as my spiritual self! Wow! I'm really allowed to be whole?



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